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Be Grounded – Mental Health & Yoga Therapy

If the mind can affect the body, the body can affect the mind.

Welcome To Be Grounded Therapy

I have a unique mental health and yoga therapy practice specializing in helping individuals and organizations to learn strategies to reduce stress and improve lives by integrating movement, yoga therapy, and evidence-based mental health techniques.

Clients have shared that working with me is an Empowering Experience, where you gain an Embodied Outcome, feeling whole and connected with your body. This whole body connection is supported with Actionable Strategies, taught and practiced in each session so you in continued progress in your day-to-day life. 

With over 15 years in the mental health field and teaching yoga for 10, I have come to learn that the pairing of movement and mental health strategies is the most effective way to make changes in our life whether it’s that we want to reduce stress, manage our mental health better or get along with the people in our lives. 

We have come to silo our mental health and our fitness. We see our therapist for an hour a week or we can’t wait to go to the gym to work out. Meanwhile, we are dealing with difficult people or experiencing trauma throughout our day that causes stress, anxiety and chronic tension (a state of physiological arousal). The result is a build up of cortisol in our bodies and we find it difficult to relax, interact with our co-workers and loved ones in a meaningful way, and feeling burned out.

Yoga and mental health support from Julia Smith are akin to finding a haven, water in a desert, and the nourishment necessary to sustain the critical and potentially draining life’s work of people in the human service field.

Madeline Barger, LMFT BCBA CST