Julia Smith

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT)

After working in mental health for 15 years as a clinician, supervisor, director, and multi-medium family therapist, I found myself burned out spiritually, physically and emotionally and left the field. During that time, I learned about how empathic I was; how much I was taking on my clients’ emotions.

While my body and spirit healed, I went back to yoga, meditation, and movement and found that these modalities were the key to not just helping myself, but could help others as well.

Additionally, I continue to educate myself on the work of highly empathic people, how movement and yoga can address trauma, anxiety, depression and reduce stress in order to empower caregivers to sustain their life’s work. This past year I began my certification in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) to help those with PTSD and trauma.





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