Aaron Doeppers

Marriage and Family Therapist – In Training

“You are not a machine with broken parts,” writes author Yohann Hari. We are humans on this challenging journey of life. We navigate love and loneliness, trauma and triumph, and endless messages from our culture which say we are not successful enough, attractive enough, rich enough…good enough. I have a different idea—you ARE enough.

I provide safe, non-judgmental space to meet you in the full context of your life, family, culture, sexuality, and spirituality. Where did you come from? What do you wake up to every day? What are your hopes and dreams for the future? I offer individual, family, and Gottman-informed relationship therapy. I have completed Gottman level-two training and use many of the Gottman approaches, resources, and assessments regularly with couples and other clients. I believe, in-particular, in the healing power of authentic relationships…and in the profound challenges of unhealthy and inauthentic relationships. My orientation toward relationships also means that I put a high importance on your relationship with your therapist. “Progress moves at the speed of trust” is an adage that I have learned over and over. “Pick the right therapist” is an equally important adage! Shop around, find your fit. Your therapy fit might be with me, or it might not.


While I have lived many places, I always returned to my roots in Wisconsin. My children are now in the same school system I attended as a child. My undergraduate degree is from the UW (you can ask me about my unique connection to Bucky Badger) and then I went back in 2019 to Edgewood College for my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.




Let’s build something together